Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Hues of Green

You know how sometimes you subconsciously do something repeatedly but you don't actually realise you are doing it until you take a look back at what you've been doing? Yeah, I've just done that, ie had a look at all my outfit posts from the past year. A recurring theme in my wardrobe has definitely been fifty shades of green this season. Army, forest, avocado, dark olive, hunter, pistachio, aspargus, artichoke – you just name a vegetable and I can guarantee my wardrobe has it. To prevent getting bored with my green thumb I've been mixing different hues of green and contrasting materials to create an interesting mix without being too matchy-matchy and out-dated. I mean, how coooooooool are these dip-dye leather trousers from one of my favourite brands for leather Muubaa.

Jacket &Other Stories (similar here), Trousers Muubaa, Bag Mulberry, Hat By Malene Birger (similar here), Jumper Zara, Shoes &Other Stories

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Monday, 19 January 2015

Blushing Army Green

Jacket Zara, Jumper Asos, Sunglasses Ralph Lauren, Jeans Gina Tricot, Boots Dr Martens, Bag Louis Vuitton

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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Blue Is the Warmest Colour

Bbbbrrr grrreeetings from the freezing Finland, and by freezing I mean Frozen to the extent that I felt a compelling reflex to start singing 'Let It Go' out loud as soon as I stepped out of the airplane this weekend.

I adore this electric blue wool peplum jacket from Ted Baker I found last winter but didn't get that many uses out of it because London weather got very warm early on. I think. Or it might have been that I was finishing my last year of uni so I don't remember, my head was filled with sheer panic and information. ANYHOO, this year I'm going yay-yay cold weather yay, and seems like Ted Baker are doing a similar style in the same colour this year again. To balance the almost-blinding-your-corneas-brightness of the jacket I choose to calm it down with various neutral tones like grey, camel and black. Also, you can catch glimpses of my beautiful hometown as the backdrop to these chilly photos!

Jacket Ted Baker, Sunglasses Prada, Scarf American Vintage, Leather leggings By Malene Birger, Beanie H&M, Bag Michael Kors

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Monday, 5 January 2015

January Pinboard + Glossolody EP by Draper

Hello lovelies and happy new year 2015! Time to kick-start the new year with this month's inspiration pinboard full of black & white, rough surfaces, and delicate details. Also some killer new music by Draper to chill you out whilst trying to survive the maze that is post-Christmas sale shopping. Personally, I've been avoiding all sorts of sale signs with a meaning just because of the fact that regularly sane people somehow seem to go completely cray-cray when they see 'Harrod's' and 'sale' put together (some actually camp outside to get in first, I mean, really?). On the positive note though, there are lots of amazing things happening to so many of my closest and dearest that it makes me so very excited for this year despite my own personal confusions such as which shoe to wear with my midi skirt, the meaning of life, the vastness of the universe, what's right or wrong, et cetera. You know, the usual ponderings. Also having my birthday just around the corner makes the start of January always an extravagantly convenient time for me to wonder what I want to achieve this year and where I want to go next. Which is easier written than done. Stay tuned.

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Sunday, 21 December 2014


If by any crazy chance some of you have succeeded to miss the hectic last minute Christmas shoppers and the endless verses of Rudolph-this-and-Santa-Claus-that, your last clue to realising it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas is probably the lack of light during the course of the day, hence why these photos are super shaky and full of noise. Annoying yes, but you should get the gist of the outfit; I’m so into hats this year I cannot tell you. If anyone knows of a good (or why not, a mad) hatter, do let me know, please.

On the topic of how Christmas seems to look like these days by the way, is anyone else getting seriously fed up with this buy-fest that it’s become? Not speaking from a religious angle over here at all, and very much aware that I am running fashion blog of which a large part revolves around consumerism and materialism, for me Christmas has recently become  a time of not buying. Whether it be the wide-eyed Christmas-list people elbowing me that have driven me to the brink of a sheer panic attack more than once, or retailers advertising about deals as the solution to everyone’s perfect white Christmas, or the amount of pressure people seem to have on their backs for finding the PERFECT gift to buy for their beloved – I’ve simply just had it. I recall hearing a little phrase ‘it’s the thought that counts’ but if truly it is the thought that counts then why does it seem to me that what counts more than 'the thought' is the amount of money you’re about to spend guessing what your beloved might desire this year. When did it become such a hassle to buy gifts anyway? I yearn for the simple times as a kid when you would write your letter to Dear Santa, hoping he was well, and asking if you could have toys for Christmas.

I know I’m going to extremes here talking how chances are Christmas won’t be ruined if you don’t buy her that designer bag, or for him that plasma TV. But quite frankly, if it does, it might be time to reconsider your relationships/priorities. One of my absolute favourite Christmas presents I’ve received in my entire life came by post yesterday when I came back from work, exhausted. It was a tin can of tuna steak in spring water. Why one of my favourites? Well, a) it made me laugh after a long day at work b) the guy knows I LOVE tuna c) it brought me back so many good memories from last year with him and our group of friends d) it showed he’d clearly put thought into it e) I was really hungry & had use for it.

My point here is not to lecture anyone on how to spend your money, Christmas, life, relationships, or tuna cans. To be completely honest I’m not entirely sure why I’m even writing this down here, probably to ease my nerves before I have to face the seemingly zombie-d pack of last minute shoppers again tomorrow. I will probably get back to the buying-mood post-Christmas rush myself, but before the big day why not swop the time you’d spend scouring shops and the internet for stuff to buy, with doing something a bit more thoughtful. Say, bake a cake instead. Give a coupon to your mum offering your cleaning services for a day per month for the next year. Make a mix tape of all the songs that describe your relationship from the moment you saw each other to the moment you realised you were in love. Go crazy.

Coat By Malene Birger, Fedora H&M, Leather leggings By Malene Birger, Silk shirt Zara, Pearl necklace Zara, Heels &Other Stories

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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Black Marrakech

Embellished jacket H&M, Blouse By Malene Birger, Skirt Pins And Needles, Shoes &Other Stories, Bag Mulberry

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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Winter Garden

Turtleneck jumper Zara, Skirt Muotikuu, Headband Shereni & Shentel, Shoes &Other Stories

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